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Generally speaking, forensic and litigation accounting involves the application of a specialized body of knowledge to the analyses, interpretation, valuation and accountability of past and future oriented monetary transactions of either a civil or criminal nature. While quite often our engagements are reactive (e.g. contractual disputes, frauds, or an insurance claim), our services can also be proactive (e.g. valuation or due diligence).
Our engagements have been extremely diverse (e.g. expropriations to personal injury) as have our clientele (e.g. clergy to manufacturers). We prepare expert reports and give opinion evidence, if required, for either plaintiffs or defendants. On occasion, we are engaged by both parties to prepare a single binding report or act as Arbitrator.

Please refer to the "Topic of Interest" section for a sense of the types of engagement and services we have rendered. Thank you for your interest in our website.

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